What is a cookie?

A cookie is small text file that is placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. This is known as ‘setting’ the cookie.

Each website uses cookies in different ways, but usually they’re used to make your experience of browsing websites easier and more enjoyable. For example, a cookie can store settings that are personal to your use of an individual website, or keep a record of items that you place in a virtual shopping basket.

When a cookie is set, it is given an expiry date. On the expiry date it is automatically deleted.

Your continued use of the UKFilm website means that you consent to UKFilm using cookies as detailed below. If you do not wish UKFilm to use cookies then please follow the instructions in the ‘Changing your settings’ section below.

How UKFilm uses cookies

We use cookies for four purposes:

Website functionality

When you visit the UKFilm website the server checks whether you have JavaScript enabled on your browser software (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer) and sets a cookie to store a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.

The cookie is called has_js and is set to expire when you close your browser software.

JavaScript is a useful programming language which helps make websites more dynamic and interactive. A website should usually work without JavaScript, but the experience might not be as good as intended.

The UKFilm website uses JavaScript in a number of ways, and it should be enabled if you want to experience the website’s full functionality.

Enhancing the user experience for users without special accessibility needs

UKFilm aims to make all the information within its website available to all users of the internet including those with screen readers and non-javascript enabled browsers. In some cases we will direct users away from the content they have requested in order to display it in a context with enhanced navigation or functionality. During this redirection process we temporarily store the content you have requested in a file unique to your browser session on our servers for the lifetime of the redirection process, which is typically a matter of seconds. To access this information during the redirection, a key is placed in a cookie beginning with "SESS" in your browser. The cookie containing the key may last for several weeks though neither it nor our servers contain any meaningful information once the redirection has occurred.

Remaining aware of your consent to use cookies

Visitors to the site are warned that we use cookies upon arriving at the site. In order to prevent this warning displaying continuously, once consent to use cookies has been given we place a cookie named "cookie-agreed-en" so our servers are aware that the warning may safely not be shown.

Storing and analysing website visitor data

UKFilm uses Google Analytics to track visits to its website. This data is very useful in helping us understand how the website is being used, and identify ways to improve it.

Google Analytics stores data anonymously, which means no data is stored that could be used to identify you as a named individual.

Google Analytics sets four cookies, one of which expires when you close your browser software. They are all named with the prefix utm.

You can learn more about Google’s privacy policy on the Google Analytics website.

Changing your settings

If you wish to, you can control how cookies are stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The website has useful information for all the common computer-based operating systems and web browsing software.

For tablets and smartphones you should refer to the operating guide for the device, the manufacturer’s website or your network provider.