Cannes Do's and Don'ts 2023

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International festival experts share their experience and advice on getting the best out of attending the festival and… Read more

Aftersun Talent Talk

Hear writer/director Charlotte Wells on her award-winning debut Aftersun, starring Paul Mescal, which debuted at Cannes 2022 in… Read more

Enys Men Talent Talk

We talked with writer, director, editor and cinematographer Mark Jenkin about his second feature Enys Men, which premiered… Read more

Scale Talent Talk

Director Joseph Pierce and the production team talk about co-pro short animation, Scale, in which driving along the… Read more

Co-producing with the UK - UK Global Screen Fund

The UK Global Screen Fund, recently renewed for three years, has already supported 11 international co-productions, bringing new… Read more

Passport to Europe (in association with Screen International)

As the UK settles into a new post-EU relationship with our closest neighbours, what are the opportunities and… Read more

Insights into Changing Markets

Producers and funders across English-speaking territories discuss the challenges of adapting to the changing face of a streamer-led… Read more

Sparking an Idea - accessing IP

How do producers and writers go about sourcing and adapting original ideas to turn them into films? We… Read more

Not Lost in Translation

Nurturing projects and building networks across borders - European Scriptwriters/script editors and directors of international development labs discuss… Read more

Just Another Diversity Scheme?

Hear from industry representatives on how they are successfully working to diversify the film industry. Sharing insights into… Read more

Ambition and Beyond: UK Shorts Focus

Award-winning filmmakers share their experiences in creating distinctive short form work that has found its home firmly on… Read more